About Us

The Birth of the Fayetteville Republican Women’s Club History According to
Joyce Costin February 2006

The idea for a Fayetteville Republican Women's Club began in the late 60s. A group of women, which included Pinky Jackson and Marianne Cashion, began to meet because of their concern for North Carolina government. North Carolina had no true government!

North Carolina had a political "machine" that worked night and day to keep itself in power. These women saw in Congressman Jim Gardner a hope for the future. They rallied around conservative James Gardner, worked and supported him for Governor. However, a Jim Gardner victory was not to be.

Instead, another Jim came rolling out of the hills of North Carolina and overwhelmed us all. Governor Jim Holshouser was elected in 1972. The 1st Republican Governor elected in this century!

So it was in these turbulent times, with hope in their hearts and a concern for the future that the Fayetteville Republican Women's Club was born. The women continued to meet and our present club was chartered February 15, 1972.

Times have not been easy for the Fayetteville Republican Women's Club. We existed for 22 years in a county which had not elected a Republican in 100 years. In 1994, a member and officer of our Club became the first Republican elected in this century.

Mia Morris was elected to the N.C. House of Representatives. Today, we can also boast of having had among our ranks a City Council member and Mayor Pro Tem, a School Board member, a Board of Election member, a County Commissioner, a Vice Chairman, secretary and treasurer of the County NCGOP, and NCFRW Officers.
We will move into the new millennium with 33 years of a proud, effective, influential history behind us. We look to the future with enthusiasm and a keen sense of excitement because we know that we can and have made a difference.

FRWC Relationship

To the State Federation:

The NCFRW is currently composed of approximately 2200 members in over 50 unit clubs throughout the state. The state federation, affiliated with the NFRW since 1953, is a dynamic force in North Carolina and in national politics. The bylaws of the NCFRW are the guidelines for its operation and are congruent with unit club bylaws.

Members include women from every walk of life: homemakers, career women, single women, seniors, and women of diverse backgrounds and from all types of communities. These women serve in many and in varied capacities throughout the unit club and state federation and are a vital force in the Republican Party.

To the National Federation:

The NFRW is one of the largest women's political organizations in the country with nearly 100,000 members in over 1900 clubs throughout the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands. It has a distinct advantage over other political women's organizations.

Its diverse membership is a unique mixture of mature and young members, it has strong finances, and unlike other political groups, it has an official affiliation with the Republican Party.

The NFRW president sits ex-officio on the RNC Executive Committee.

To the Republican National Committee (Republican Party):

While the federation is financially independent from the Republican National Committee and has no legal ties to the Republican Party, both organizations (NFRW/RNC) have the same goals---support of and loyalty to the Republican Party, its philosophy and ideals, and the election of Republican candidates.

The NCFRW and NFRW are the volunteer force dedicated to this cause on the county, state and national levels. It begins with the unit club.

Mission Statement

“The mission of the Fayetteville Republican Women’s Club is to enable, promote, and encourage the residents of Fayetteville and the surrounding areas to develop a strong, effective outreach of the Republican Party, advocating the support of the party’s philosophy and sponsoring the candidates that represent the essence of the Republican Party.” - FRWC President McGinnis, 2008

Current Officers

President – Gail Morfesis
I am a lifelong Republican. I am a retired UNC professor with a Doctoral degree in music and theater. I am originally from Virginia and have lived in Fayetteville 27 years. I also ran for Fayetteville City Council in 2023.

1st Vice President - Laura Mussler
Laura is deeply committed to the growth, prosperity, and well-being of every resident in our beloved city. With years of public service under her belt, she understands the unique challenges we face, and the boundless potential Fayetteville holds. This is why she is proud member of the Republican Party and the Fayetteville Republican Women's Club.

2nd Vice President – Elizabeth Quintero
I recently returned to North Carolina and 15 years away. I am thrilled to raise 2 sons in my home state and eager to contribute to my community’s well-being. My passion for FRWC stems from my desire to educate others about their options in political representation and protect parental rights, all while championing values of family, patriotism, and love of my country.

Secretary – Donna John
I am a proud member of the Fayetteville community and look forward to serving as secretary of the FRWC. With roots in Fayetteville tracking back to 1967, I embodie the spirit of local entrepreneurship and community engagement. I am a mother, a grandmother, and lifelong resident and committed to supporting political condidates in my hometown who share my values of family, patrioutism, and a love for the USA. Through my role in the club, and lifelong ties for Fayetteville, I will champion principles that has defined my life and community for years.

Treasurer – Sharon Lee 
I was born, raised, and worked in Fayetteville. I am now retired. I joined FRWC in 2020.

Assistant Treasurer – Janine Seals
My name is Janine Seals. I have lived in Fayetteville for 25 years. I grew up in a military family. I am married, have 2 children, and 3 grandchildren. I am a new member of this club, as of January of this year. I look forward to working with all of you.

Current Committee Chairs

Membership -  Coming Soon
Legislative - Coming Soon
Campaign - Coming Soon
Bylaws - Coming Soon
Programs - Coming Soon
Fundraising - Laura Mussler
Public Relations/Newsletter – Coming Soon